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  • 2. Moolooite. Keeping up with the animal-related names, Moolooite looks like a name a cow could say. But it's not! This very rare mineral is hydrated copper oxalate and was discovered at Mooloo Downs station, in Western Australia, in 1986.

  • Most minerals are considered essential and comprise a vast set of micronutrients. There are both macrominerals (required in amounts of 100 mg/day or more) and microminerals (required in …

  • Minerals have had an important impact on the social and economic development of Canada, especially in terms of the importance of mineral exports to the Canadian economy. In 2013, for example, mineral exports accounted for nearly 20 per cent of the total value of all Canadian exports. From mining to marketing, the mineral industry stimulates a broad range of manufacturing and service industries.

  • The list of names for minerals and mineral groups proposed by Mandarino & Back (2004) was examined and a number of prominent names for minerals and mineral groups were selected for use in the SCMR list (these new entries are indicated in Table 12.1 with the entry ' New

  • Apatite is the name given to a group of phosphate minerals that are widely distributed in all rock types, usually in tiny crystals spread throughout the host rock. It is usually green in color. It …

  • Mineralogy is an active science in which minerals are discovered or recognised on a regular basis. Use of old mineral names is also discontinued, for example when a name is no longer considered valid.

  • A ACANTHITE (Silver Sulfide) ACTINOLITE (Calcium Magnesium Iron Silicate Hydroxide) ADAMITE (Zinc Arsenate Hydroxide) AEGIRINE (Sodium Iron Silicate) AESCHYNITE (Yttrium Calcium Iron Thorium Titanium Niobium Oxide Hydroxide)

  • This is a list of minerals for which there are articles on Wikipedia. Minerals are distinguished by various chemical and physical properties. Differences in chemical composition and crystal structure distinguish the various species.

  • Essential minerals are inorganic chemicals that your body needs to function properly. Some of them help your cells perform chemical reactions, while others build up your bones or blood.

  • A list of minerals in foods may not necessarily include all of the minerals needed for health and wellness. There are 14 considered in the list below. These 14 minerals are divided into two types: Macro minerals and trace minerals. A mineral is considered a macro mineral if your body requires over 100 mg of that particular element. Less than 100 mg and it's considered a trace element. Both ...

  • These alphabetical listings include synonyms of accepted mineral names, pronunciation of that name, name origins, and locality information. Visit our expanded selection of mineral pictures.

  • "The names of new approved minerals are considered confidencial information until the authors have published descriptions or released information themselves, so no other information will be …

  • A number of minerals are mined because of their use for other purposes than as ores of metals. Some of these minerals are of such importance as to warrant special mention.

  • Complete index of minerals varieties and other names.

  • Rock and Mineral Kits The most effective way to learn about rocks and minerals. Diamond: The Mineral Diamond is a mineral with unique properties and many gem and industrial uses!

  • The list of vitamins and minerals below can give you an understanding of how particular vitamins and minerals work in your body, how much of each nutrient you need every day, and what types of food to eat to ensure that you are getting an adequate supply.

  • Gemstone and mineral name generator . This name generator will generator 10 random names for gems, minerals, and similar materials. Gem and mineral names are often quite complex, the names in this generator are no different.

  • Mineral is a naturally occurring crystalline solid with a definite composition. There are almost 5,000 minerals described so far 2. Trying to familiarize ourselves with all of them would be a hopeless task.

  • Synonyms. Minerals sometimes have more than one name, or there are different forms of the same mineral with different names.

  • Choose a letter of the alphabet from the above list, and the minerals will be listed that begin with that letter. The mineral name itself is a link to the description of that mineral species, while the number to the left is the approximate count of the number of specimens currently available for sale of that species, and is also a direct link ...

  • Mindat.org - the mineral and locality database. Mindat.org is the largest database of minerals, mineral photos and mineral localities online. If you have not visited this site before then I suggest you visit our home page to learn more about mindat and the powerful search functions we offer.

  • Some important minerals are not here yet. We are constantly working on expanding this list.

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